Sunday, December 25, 2011

New tutorial on event processing

Roland Stuhmher, whom you can see in the right-hand side of the picture, on the Jeopardy! set, in DEBS'11, has recently recorded a video piece giving a tutorial on event processing.  Some of the slides looks familiar to me (well, he mentioned my name is his slide about "attribution of the slides").   In the slides he mentions a term iCEP, which either means that Apple has a new CEP gadget in its i series.  BTW - according to Steve Jobs, the apple "i" (started with iMAC) stands for: Internet, Individual, Instruct, Inform, Inspire -- all start with I...  So does any of them apply to iCEP?  Another possibility is, of course, intelligent (I have used the term IEP in the past). Anyway -  good tutorial, with some glance of the ETALIS project developed in FZI.  Enjoy!

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Roland St├╝hmer said...

Dear Opher! Dear readers!

The "i" stands for intelligent... as in: using Semantic Technologies in the field of CEP. iCEP also is the name of our research group at FZI.