Tuesday, January 31, 2012

On spime

According to Wikipedia: Spime is a neologism for a currently theoretical object that can be tracked through space and time throughout the lifetime of the object. The name “spime” for this concept was coined by author Bruce Sterling

Spime comes from the combination of the words space and time,  and is said to be enabled by the Internet of Things.  In the event processing terminology - spime is the collection of events that happened to a single entity during its life-span,  where each event has both time and space properties recorded as part of this event.   Any person may have a spime associated with this person, which can span from birth and actually last long time after the person's death, e.g. if I am writing now about Isaac Asimov, this can be considered an event in Asimov's spime, although he is not a living entity.  Spimes can relate to something with more limited length like a certain flight,  or the event processing course I taught this semester.

In some cases it make more sense to have Spime processing rather than individual event processing and have some patterns associated with Spimes, this, of course, has strong relationship to event processing -- I've recently started to look and spime processing and will write more about it in the future

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