Friday, February 17, 2012

Timo Elliot's presentation on "Business in the moment - from reactive to proactive"

Timo Elliot from SAP gave a recent talk in the Gartner BI meeting in London entitled "Business in the moment -from reactive to proactive". You can download the presentation from a link in Timo's Blog posting.   In a following post on his Blog,  Timo refers to an FreshDirect explaining the proactive behavior:

“FreshDirect has an operations center that manages its fleet of delivery trucks. In a large metropolitan area like New York, traffic doesn’t always flow predictably. A traditional approach to BI would be to print a report showing the level of on-time deliveries (OTDs) the day before and then ask the transportation department what went wrong for the orders that were delivered late. FreshDirect uses analytics in a more impactful way.”
“The company monitors the delivery rate of every truck and enters that data into the BI system on an ongoing basis. Every hour, it uses the previous hour’s data to predict how many deliveries will be on-time in the next hour. If the predicted OTD rate is below FreshDirect’s target, the company sends out an auxiliary truck or trucks to help make deliveries. The company holds 10 trucks in reserve for just this purpose.”
I'll bring more proactive stories when I'll find out about them...

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Paul Vincent said...

SAP obviously bought your book, Opher, and adapted the FFD example ! :)