Sunday, June 10, 2012

DEBS 2012 program is available

The organizers of DEBS 2012  (this year I had nothing to do with the organization of this conference) have published the full program and the tutorial program.  This year the conference will take place in Berlin, and the conference logo contains this Berlin photo.  

Looking at the program I see familiar names as well as some new ones. It seems that the organizers kept the new sessions we introduced in 2011 - gong show and DEBS challenge,  it will be interesting to see how these will evolve.    As for keynote speakers - the industrial keynote speaker this year will be  Raman from Microsoft (the topic has not been published yet),  the academic keynote speakers will be Dave Maier on using frames in data streams, and Martin Odersky on actors (seems that AI based concepts are in).     The tutorial program will include variety of tutorials,  the tutorial that our team has prepared this year together with Alex Artikis from NCSR, Athens, deals with various aspects of uncertainty in event processing (well - we still need to work on the slides!).   There are other interesting tutorials as well, so picking one will be tough choice.

We also presenting a paper in the scientific track on the basic proactive model.  I'll write more about these two topics later. 

Hope to meet a lot of old friends in Berlin. 

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