Sunday, September 2, 2012

While you have slept - more about the big brother

Back to Chris Taylor's - this time he wrote a guest blog in the Forbes blog entitled "While you slept" dealing with issues of privacy.   I have written before about the big brother aspect on using sensors within the smarter planet. This is other aspect -- a lot of information are flowing on us from various systems, social networks, and various systems.   A smart program can look at what we published in blogs, twitter, facebook and others and determine on our political opinions, religious beliefs and others.  It seems that the combination of sensors, activities on social media, and other systems make us give us our privacy and many people don't seem to be bothered -- they allow everybody to see their pictures on facebook, or read what they write there.  There are people who report in Twitter on what they are doing 30 times a day including all their happy and frustrating minutes.  It seems that there is a growing section of the population who are giving up their privacy from their own will, and other people who are not aware that their privacy is been invaded.   I guess that this is one of the characteristics of the current web generation - losing privacy.   Of course, event processing can help in drawing conclusions  about a person.   Chris ends his posting in call for companies to be aware and set up policies and strategy and for government to regulate.  

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