Wednesday, October 10, 2012

SAS announcement on event processing

SAS announced today that a new "SAS DataFlux Event Stream Processing Engine" will be available in December.  It is described as: "the new software is a form of complex event processing (CEP) technology...incorporates relational, procedural and pattern-matching analysis of structured and unstructured data".     Welcome to the event processing club,  this seems to be an indication that the analytics guys see the value of adding event processing to their portfolio, I guess that either the "limited appeal" of event processing has somewhat changed in the last couple of years to justify it.  Anyway - I welcome SAS to the club, and hope that they will also become active  part of the event processing community.  


Rainer von Ammon said...

BTW: any news about EPTS or online magazine? I'm retiring in some years... but can contribute as retired guy nonetheless if so:-)

Opher Etzion said...

Hi Rainer. Stay tuned about the online magazine announcement soon.