Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Dynamic EPAs by Berhnard Seeger

I came across a presentation by Berhnard Seeger entitled: "Dynamic complex event processing - not only the engine matters"  - the picture above is taken from that presentation.  Seeger uses the term "DEPA" for "Dynamic Event Processing Agent".   The dynamic refers to the ability to add/modify EPAs without affecting the event sources and event sources without affecting the EPAs, and ability to change EPAs at run-time (we haves supported this feature in Amit). 

The reference between all the players are indirect and done through meta-data entities.  There are other components to this model -- inclusion of actions in order to check contradictions, simulations for debug,

I totally agree that all these features are important (not sure that a new term is needed, this relates to implementation of EPA),  in fact we have worked on related issues in the past, see our paper in DEBS 2010 entitled: "analyzing the behavior event processing applications". 

In any event - interesting presentation, read and enjoy!   

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