Thursday, January 10, 2013

Recent paper about spatiotemporal event processing

Recently we see more work on spatiotemporal event processing.  I came across a recent paper, authored by
Foued Barnouni and Bernard Moulin from Laval University which deals with spatiotemporal event patterns. 
The generic form of a spatiotemporal pattern is shown in the figure below,  first the temporal relation is evaluated and then the spatial relation, where the spatial patterns can be of three types: distance, topology and direction.  The model also supports qualitative pattern such as "far", "near",  "very near"  enables the definition of fuzzy qualifiers in a pattern.   The paper provides good overview of the spatiotemporal event processing topic, as well as a specific model implemented by a combination of TreeSap, a qualitative reasoning GIS system,  and the event processing part is implemented in Esper. 

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jwinburnnc said...

Hi Opher.
It seems to me that a sort of multidimensional classification /clustering algorithm is what the author is describing. This is very interesting as I'm working on similar problems.