Sunday, February 3, 2013

World Stream computing to replace the Web

I came across an interesting article by David Gelernter.  Gerlenter, a Yale Professor, who co-introduced the term "lifestreams" in the 199o-ies, proceeds in the same spirit and talks about "worldstreams" which he defines as a collection of heterogeneous real-time messaging stream  (may be thought as a collection of streams).   His prophecy is that this will be a disruptive technology for the web, browsers, search, operating systems.  We will no longer surf in sites and search the web,  but we'll browse the worldstream, and ask the worldstream to bring us what we want, in the time we want it, instead of search for it.    The event processing grand challenge, which was part of the event processing manifesto,  and talked about the "event fabric" was similar in nature, but the manifesto authors did not claim that the web will be replaced,  it will probably not happen in one step anyway.    However -- certainly interesting observation, and promises bright future...

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