Saturday, April 27, 2013

Machine to machine protocol from NY Times

The "Internet of Things" where any thing is connected to the network, is one of the most influential trends today.  Cisco in its vision about the "Internet of Everything" based on the "Internet of Things"  predicts that the economical impact of the "Internet of Everything"  is  14.4 Trillion Dollars.   There is a lot of work about the infrastructure, one of it is MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport), a protocol used to support Machine-to-Machine communication.    The NY times had  recent article within its blogs on MQTT as an open standard.  In the article there is a link to a talk by my IBM colleague Andy Stanford-Clark.  
One of the mentioned applications occur in the automobile industry, of putting sensors in cars, e.g. on the car battery.
Andy is working on these topics for a long time,  in fact the chapter in our EPIA book that deals with event consumers described some of Andy's application and the ambient orb's picture appears in the book was  taken at Andy's office.  Andy has famous talks and video clips on his house where he uses MQTT to control the power.  A recent video clip that Andy posted entitled "the house that twitters" demonstrates the idea.  There are other presentations and video clips on this topic over the years. 

Internet of Things will create most of the world's events of the future, and will be a major factor in making the world event-driven.    I'll write soon about the synergy between the old world and the new world. 

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