Friday, June 21, 2013

Event processing platforms - reboot?

Doug Henschen, the editor of Information Week wrote a commentary entitled "big data reboots real-time analysis" .  Henschen says that event processing was in the height of its hype in 2008, but the economic crisis stopped the growth of this area.  He sees indications of "reboot" in the recent acquisitions of Apama by Software AG and Streambase by TIBCO, and attributes the reboot to the need of big data to evolve from its batch origins to detect patterns on moving data.  
As I have written before, the barriers to growth stem from some external factors (certainly the general financial situation), but also the over-hype of request-response or batch oriented analytics (see my post on Sethu Raman's keynote in DEBS 2012).  Another reason, as observed by Roy Schulte last year,   is that many enterprises developed in-house solutions.    I assume that Henschen is right in the sense that big data gives additional opportunities to event processing technology, and that the recent acquisitions will create waves of interest in the market.   As I have written before, the next frontier is not improving the technology, but making it accessible to the business users and convert the enterprises to think in an event-driven way.   Jeff Adkins and myself will discuss this issue in the coming DEBS'13 tutorial, on June 30.  More - later. 

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