Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maturity model for event processing

This slide is taken from the tutorial that Jeff Adkins and myself are planned to deliver exactly a week from today in Arlington, Texas - DEBS 2013.    It describes our view about "maturity model of event processing - IT view", showing the status of event processing use in an organization.  This follows the CMMI models.  
This model is used to evaluate the current status and determine next steps.  I guess that most organizations are in  levels 1 and 2.       This is first draft -- will be  glad to get comments. 

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Paul Vincent said...

Opher - good stuff. Sorry I can't be at DEBS this year. My main comment would be that "event processing" might be too vague, and from an organisational maturity model you probably want the real-time / event-driven business capability maturity instead...