Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Technological Empowerment Institute -- first exposure

I have written a month ago about moving on, I still need to post  a summary of my IBM time, but it will have to wait as I am quite busy in my new role.  The role is an attempt to establish (from scratch) an applied research institute called "The Technological  Empowerment Institute (TEI)".   This is a first of a series of posts about the institute's plan.    

The slide below shows the idea in a nutshell:

The domain that we are looking at is in general, exploiting Internet of Things for societal purposes. 
The mission is to help developing areas, first in the Israeli periphery, in this case, the concentration will be on the northern part of Israel, and developing countries over the world.  

The idea is to create partnership with:

1. Multidisciplinary researchers dealing with technology, the human aspect of creating and consuming smart systems (a topic that anybody  following this blog realized I have been focused in the last couple of years), and the domain oriented research (agriculture, gerontology, healthcare and more). The affiliated researchers will be international.

2. Partnership with high-tech companies for using their platforms and products for the implementation projects (see below).

3. Using students projects and internship program to carry out concrete implementation projects that fit the institute's mission.

4. Partnership with academic institutes in developing countries to collaborate on the above.

In the next series of posts I'll write about each of these items.  I am now spending much of my time in creating all these partnership -- a big challenge, and also fun. 

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