Monday, May 26, 2014

My talk in DEBS 2014 on the Internet of Everything

I am writing this post from the hotel "Meluha the Fern" in Mumbai.  Arrived here on Friday and had also an opportunity to do some sightseeing. Will write my impressions from Mumbai at a later phase.
Today DEBS 2014 started, the conference is being held in IIT Bombay.   The first day has been the tutorial day. I have delivered (by myself, my co-authors did not arrive) a tutorial on the "Internet of Everything".

This is the next in the tradition of tutorials that I am giving in DEBS since 2008.   As usual I have posted the tutorial on slideshare.  The problem with the slideshare conversion is that it messes up the animations, but I guess that it is readable anyway.  I'll write about the rest of the conference soon.  Enjoy!

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