Wednesday, July 2, 2014

More on personalization: TOM ISRAEL MAKE-A-THON

Yesterday I attended an interesting event, the conclusion of a three days "make-a-thon" in Nazareth called 
TOM ISRAEL,  where different team made a 72 hours work to create prototypes for products that will aid disabled people using 3D printer technology and various software and sensors.   I attended the final presentations.   Some of them were very impressive, and you may view the challenges on their webpage, although they did not post (yet?) the actual presentations of the teams.    

I have recently written about personalization as the next frontier.   This is a good example of what I meant,  many of these prototypes was highly personalized to the need of a single person  (or maybe a small group of persons).  In the mass production world, there is no business model that can generate those products, however the 3D printer technology can make it possible to create product for individuals or small groups.   

Overall this has been very impressive event, and I'll further work with the organizers to collaborate on projects related to the Institute of Technological Empowerment. 

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