Friday, January 25, 2008

On terminology again - BEP and CEP

There were several postings in the last few days from my esteemed colleagues - David Luckham, Tim Bass and Pual Vincent (in his comment to Tim's posting) all referred to the term "Business Event Processing" (BEP) that has been mentioned by Sandy Carter, VP of SOA and Websphere marketing in IBM. There were several references to this term relative to CEP.

The terminology issue is sometimes confusing, so let me clarify here: as I have discussed the
*-EP phenomenon in the past, so I'll dedicate this posting to clarification.

Event Processing, in general, is bigger in scope from Complex Event Processing; CEP deals with the detection of patterns over the a collection of events ("event cloud"). Event processing starts from stateless filtering and pub/sub, advances to mediated event processing - transformation, enrichment, validation etc, then to CEP, and to IEP (Intelligent Event Processing) that adds stochastic reasoning.

BEP (Business Event Processing) is an event processing applied to business applications. To Paul Vincnet's question - are there "non business" EP - the answer is -- yes, event processing can be used for individual person in smart homes; some people also see IT system management as a "non business" application, and differentiate between business and IT. What is the relations between BEP an CEP ? BEP is thus -- the entire EP applied to business application; CEP is subset of EP. More - later.

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