Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Welcome to the AptSoft team to IBM

Burlington, Mass. - I have never been there - but I have learned from its official website that they hold town meetings which is nice. Besides town meetings, it is also the home of the AptSoft company. Today it was announced that AptSoft has gained a new home and becomes part of the IBM Websphere organization. Getting from a start-up to a big company is a big step (I have been in both types of organizations and know the difference...), and sometimes a caltural shock... it is also a big step for those who believed that IBM should be a player in the CEP space,
making the first announcement about complex event processing product with this acquisition.

While I still need more education about the AptSoft product, it seems on first impression (what I have seen in the Gartner EPS conference in their booth) that they have a thinking competible with what I posted about the fact that CEP patterns should be defined, in many cases, by a business user and not by a developer, and their thinking is geared towards this direction -- this is a good value that they bring to the table.
Meanwhile -- to Steve Lyons, David Martin and the rest of the AptSoft team - warm welcome to IBM, and happy blue-washing... see you around in the corridors of the blue giant.

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