Monday, June 23, 2008

Call for contributions - EPTS F2F meeting

The EPTS fourth event processing symposium is planned for September 17-19 in Stamford, CT.
While the exact agenda is not available yet (has dependency on contributions) here is a call for contributions in the following topics:

  1. Customer Panel -- Nominate a customer to participate in customers panel about the state of the practice in event processing.
  2. Use Case Session -- call for use cases, the use cases will be presented under the template that will be prepared by the use cases workgroup.
  3. Vendors Business Perspective Panel -- call for business executives of vendors to participate in a panel that will discuss the business trends of event processing products.
  4. Technology challenges panel --- call for CTO/senior architects of vendors/customers to participate in a panel that will discuss the technology challenges of event processing.
  5. Keynote Speaker on technical vision -- nominate a keynote speaker.
  6. Research projects session --- call for presentations from the research community of projects that may be of interest to the general event processing community.
  7. Standards -- Call for presentations on standards related issues
  8. Glossary --- Call for participation in a panel about the EPTS glossary

Nominations should be sent to :

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