Friday, June 27, 2008

On Intelligent Event Processing - AAAI symposium

This is a picture of the beautiful Stanford University, I am happy to inform today that the 2009 spring symposia of AAAI has accepted our proposal to hold a symposium about "Intelligent Event Processing" that I am organizing together with two young and energetic colleagues - Nenad Stojanovic and Adrian Paschke. This will be an attempt to get the AI community involved in event processing, and help realize the vision of "intelligent event processing". How can AI help event processing: there are several ways, and all of them are reflected in the symposium description, here are the important ones in my opinion:
Event Processing Modeling - using AI techniques: advanced logics, semantic
nets etc..
Event Pattern Discovery/mining
Event Prediction
Reasoning with uncertain events
Event-based reasoning under real-time constraints

The list of topics on the site contqins some additional topics as well. As one of our missions taken (within the EPTS) is to help accelerate the advancement of the event processing area, and using intelligent techniques may help some types of applications (again -- getting back to the elephant metaphor of my past postings - just a leg, not all applications !), the dialogue with the AI community and some projects already launched is a step in that direction. We'll post "call for papers" on the epts site, soon.

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Theresa Johnson said...

Hi Opher,

I'm an undergraduate student at Stanford doing some research on Artificial intelligence and applications to robotics. How can I learn more about "intelligent event processing" in particular?