Monday, June 30, 2008

On the EPTS working group use cases

Hello from hot and humid Rome, Italy. I have just finished eating a Pizza dinner just across the street from the Coliseum, seen in this picture, lot of ancient stuff around. I am now writing this Blog in the hotel lobby - just 5 minutes walk from there, why am I writing from the hotel lobby? One of my criteria to chose hotels is that they advertise that they have Internet access in their rooms, and this hotel also claim to have Internet access - nominally they have , it is just that the signal in the rooms is too weak, and in order to work one has to come to the lobby - which is an information that the receptionist gladly shares with you after you check in... Anyway, they have here a comfortable desk to work and air-condition, which is more than we had today in the university, where we had been meeting for the EPTS working group. So - to start from the beginning, I have arrived to Rome last night for the DEBS conference. If you look at the DEBS site you can discover that the air-condition in the university has been broken, and they move the conference to anther site -- well, but just from Wednesday, and tomorrow we'll have to suffer another day in the non air-conditioned building. This has been the first time in history that I have closed my laptop, since it got so hot that I feared it will not survive. Tomorrow I'll give a tutorial in front of a sweating audience just after lunch, it will be fun. Today, we had a F2F meeting of the use cases working group - interesting mix of four people from different vendors (Dieter Gawlick from Oracle, Richard Tibbetts from Streambase, Brian Connell from WestGlobal and myself), one academic person (Pedro Bizzaro) and one customer (Alex Kozlenkov from BetFair), there are some other members that could not participate, the working group is larger that the six of us. Despite the heat it has been long and productive day -- what are we trying to achieve? We are trying to learn something from the variety of use cases out there, we have heard until now in the three EPTS meetings and Dagsthul seminar, something like 80 use case. However, we cannot learn much of them, since they have been presented in an unstructured way, we could not analyze them on the same scale - the purpose is to try and classify event processing applications to several classes - and observe what are the important requirements for each class - in terms of functional, non-functional requirements, ROI measurements etc..., this is done to enable existing and potential customers to better understand the types of event processing (complex event processing or other event processing types) - today we have worked on the template - what are the criteria to analyze each individual use case, and got to a draft there that will be finalized in the next few weeks. We shall present the template together with some use cases on this template in the next EPTS F2F meeting in September - so stay tuned. Tomorrow -- DEBS. While DEBS is an academic conference, I am glad to see here many of my industrial colleagues (both vendors and some customers), the establishment of a research discipline around event processing, and help growing the academic research in this area, has been one of the EPTS basic missions, and we are supporting DEBS as the research academic flagship. Will write my impressions from the conference later this week (if my laptop will survive the heat)...

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