Friday, July 4, 2008

On DEBS 2008

Still in Rome, still in the hotel's bar since my room does not get enough wireless signal. The DEBS conference site is just next door to the church in which the famous Moses status is located.
I have also finished tonight my participation in DEBS (it goes one more day, but I will be heading for home tomorrow according to the plan). The DEBS conference (disregarding some organizational challenges) have gone well, while it has been a scientific conference, there has been a relatively big participation from industry - I have seen there people from vednors as well as customers, DEBS has been originally the home of the pub/sub and messaging community, however they have successfully extended it to include various other event processing "sub-communities" like the CEP guys, the streaming guys, people from modeling area etc..
I have contributed my part by providing a tutorial about EP patterns - which is a work in progress for building a meta-language which abstracts the semantics behind event processing functionality.
Since it is late tonight I'll defer discussions that I had in the conference to later posts, will just make a note that I owe everybody discussion on three points:
  • Boundaries and territories among disciplines -- in the wake of discussion with Dieter Gawlick from Oracle.
  • The term "event processing agents" - some discussions, and Blog comments from Paul Vincent
  • The notion of pattern in event processing.

Overall - very good conference, an opportunity to meet a lot of friends, and (I am ashamed to admit) my first visit in Rome ever.

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