Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DEBS 2009 - first day

This is the Vanderbilt University Law School, where the DEBS conference is being held this year. Today I spent the day in a U-shaped seminar room, with a lot of ex-Deans of the school hanging on the wall. The first day has been the tutorials day. In the first half of the day I attended the "use cases" tutorial in which the EPTS use cases workgroup, chaired by Pedro Bizarro and Dieter Gawlick, who, together with some more members of this workgroup presented some use cases, together with lessons learned. Paul Vincent has written a review (with some criticism) about that tutorial. I wonder how many bearded academics he counted in the conference -- indeed, once in academic conferences one could see all the prominent scientists carrying a beard, but today, most of them are shaving their entire face... Dieter who presented some of this tutorial has a beard, but he is from Oracle and not from the academia. Anyway, the idea to have an EPTS award (donated by TIBCO) to the application of a year is a good one, I'll bring it to the EPTS steering committee. We also discussed (after the end of the program) topics related to the use cases workgroup and relations with other EPTS workgroups.

In the second half of the day, Jon Riecke, Adrian Paschke and myself have presented the "event processing languages" tutorial. I am not reviewing my own talks, so instead -- you can look at the slides and review it yourself. More about DEBS 2009 -- tomorrow.

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