Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Live from DEBS 2009 - Keynote Address by John Bates

In my role as the industrial track chair of DEBS 2009, I have been asked to invite an industrial keynote speaker, and this year I chose John Bates, the General Manager of the Apama Division of Progress Software, and a person that made a transition from being a faculty member in Cambridge University, leading one of the first start-ups in this area, and now managing a division in a larger company. This was certainly a good choice; John outlined the assumptions he had as a researcher, and the confrontation between these assumptions and the reality that forced them to find a low hanging fruit, until the bigger market will be mature enough for the ideas for event processing, and they found trading in capital marketing as this low hanging fruit, and the early adopters of such technologies. However, the maturity in thinking about this area now takes it to more areas. As for John's prediction for what will happen in the event processing market in the next five years, he mentioned the following points:
  • Event Processing will be used for tracking everything -- car, plane, bag, package, ship
  • EDA -- will achieve wider adoption -- federating services in the enterprise, providing agile enterprise nervous system; The next wave of SOA.
  • Event processing everywhere -- EP in the cloud.
  • Event Processing will be part of bigger event-driven business process management market - BPM, rules, event processing are going to merge.
  • Event processing will be embedded in many vertical applications.

More about further sessions in DEBS 2009 - later

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