Tuesday, July 21, 2009

On the EPIA chapter about event consumers

Back to writing about the EPIA, the next chapter out, will be the chapter dealing with event consumers. As anyone who has developed an event processing application may realize, the event processing, is just part, and sometimes the small part of the picture, and in order to be useful, the consumers and producers have to be set. A consumer consumes the events (either raw events or derived events created by the event processing system), in this chapter (written by my partner Peter Niblett) there is a classification of event consumers, and plenty of examples. Here is some classification

And here are some cool consumers:

This, believe it or not, is an application that consumes Twitter events. This map following a bus that notifies Twitter anytime that it gets to a station, it reports where the bus is, and how many passengers are on board. You can read more details and even follow this service on Twitter (169 followers, when this Blog is written). The map is an event consumer that consumes the raw Twitter event and displays the bus route and location within a certain time interval.

This is another cool event consumer called "Ambient Orb"; this gadget is actually an event consumer, an event processing application determines the color of the ambient orb, the application can be anything from the state of your favorite stock, the traffic load outside, the security risk, or some key performance indicator - how many purchases have been done through the company's website today. The output is a color (in the picture it is green, meaning that whatever the indication is -- the status is OK).

More about the EPIA book - later.

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