Monday, July 13, 2009

On the vision for smarter cities

The IBM Institute of Business Value has recently published its vision of smarter cities, which is part of the "Smarter Planet" vision on which I have written before. As noted before, the smarter planet vision is based on the fact that the world will be instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Event processing is the backbone of smarter cities. As smarter cities is been labeled "system of systems", the integration and communication between the different systems is done using events, and the event processing filters, transforms and routes the event among systems. It also crates derived events from one or more systems that may be used by other systems. Event processing technologies have two roles: In the macro level, it is a glue between the systems and is part of the intelligent part of each individual system. I'll write more about some individual systems inside the system of systems. I am trying to get a smarter cities keynote talk in the 5th EPTS event processing symposium --- stay tuned, details about the symposium (Trento, September 21-23) are coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Opher,

Even if I am a big supporter of event based systems, I have a question on this topic. Can you explain me, who is the owner of the event based routing, filtering integration services?

I hope, that you do not think about weather the government, or some industrial companies, cause this would empower them to rule the world.

There need to be a self organizing way like e.g. the Internet, but getting there will be even a larger competition than introducing the web, because of already competing companies in that market segment.

Best regards,