Tuesday, September 22, 2009

5th Event Processing symposium - first day

Trento, early morning, the Grand Hotel. I have arrived to Trento on Sunday night after a few days vacation in Italy. Yesterday we had the first day of the symposium. Some of the highlights:

  • Starting the day with the first keynote talk by John Mylopoulos (whose picture you can see below), one of the most distinguished scientists I am familiar with, who gave a talk about looking for meaning and intentions behind event processing as part of a larger play in enterprise computing. I think that this is one of our grand challenges, getting beyond the operational models of today.

  • Next, there has been a multi participants panel about event-driven BPM with some vendors, users and one academic person. Many are watching this space, but the vendors think it is premature to move there. We are trying now to get EU project proposal for this area, and will meet the consortium later this week here.
  • There were three workgroup reports, the fourth workgroup - today.
  • The use case workgroup returned on their findings that were provided in the DEBS 2009 tutorial, some new use cases were presented by Francois Bry and Serge Mankovski on social network analysis and IT management (a topic we'll discuss today). Dieter also called for a better coordination among the EPTS workgroups.
  • The reference architecture workgroup presented some principles and a few proposals for reference architectures from Oracle, TIBCO, Streambase, University of Trento and IBM.
  • There has been a public hearing of the glossary 2.0 version, where the glossary WG chairs, David Luckham and Roy Schulte participated from remote, and Peter Niblett did the local moderation. Many comments have been given on the draft, and all EPTS members are asked to provide comments on the members wiki (at this phase it is open for EPTS members only, at later phase we'll put the glossary draft for the public).
We have a challenge this year of travel restrictions, but still we got around 45 participants, the same number we got for the Orlando symposium two years ago. Many of the participants are from Europe, but there are quite a few Americans who came. More on the EPTS symposium - later.

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