Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5th Event Processing symposium - second day

Still in Trento, here is another view from Trento's center city. Today we have started the day with the second reach-out session, this time to the IT management (AKA network and system management) area. The second keynote, Kristian Stewart, from IBM (formerly Micromuse) gave a good survey about the area, followed by a panel. This is an interesting domain, and we'll continue to look at the synergy between different domains of event processing. Next I have provided the report of the language analysis workgroup. There has been some long discussion about standards and next items. Directives for the workgroup:
  • Collection patterns is a good idea.
  • Get the dimensions work to the next level of detail, so languages will be able to be profiled on capabilities matrix
  • Some opinions were to layer the functions in different layers. There were also counter opinion, but we'll take the issue back to the workgroup.
  • As for standard, most people thought that we cannot achieve language standard in the near future, and interoperability standard should be a better goal.
  • Meta-language may be attempted, maybe as extension of other meta-languages.
After the lunch break, we heard the third keynote speaker, Sebastian Wrede, who talked about event based systems in robotics. It was interesting to see applications in somewhat different domain than we are used to. We also had a bunch of short research presentations. Last but not least, we had a session on grand challenges on which I'll write a separate posting. After that we have been driven to a castle outside Trento for a dinner. It is late --- so I'll stop here.

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