Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More on the upcoming fifth event processing symposium in Trento

Today's event in the Israeli media is the fact that two days ago the Israeli Prime Minister disappeared for a day, without his office notifying the media where he is, in the beginning the media was told that he is in a security-related all day meeting outside his office, but this did not make sense to reporters, and they quickly found out that his office hired for him a private aircraft and he spent that day in Moscow. well -- today, one cannot cheat the media anymore, everybody know everything about anybody; the result of totally interconnected universe.

The 5th event processing symposium in Trento is getting closer, I plan to get to Italy a few days earlier for a vacation, and the plan is getting to closure. Thanks to all that volunteered to contribute and participate in sessions or panels. One of the themes of this symposium is reaching out to other communities, our keynote speakers reflect this theme.

Our first keynote speaker will be John Myloploulos, one of the most notable scientists, who will talk about using event processing to model and monitor business objectives and business processes. This will be in the framework of reaching out to the business process management community. There has been recently a workshop in the framework of the BPM 2009 conference, the flagship conference of the BPM community that dealt with event-driven business process management. Paul Vincent, who has been keynote speaker in that workshop, wrote about it in his Blog. I have been involved in the organization, but could not be there in person.
The synergy between the two areas is being investigated in the framework of a proposed EU project that we are working on now.

The second keynote speaker will be Kristian Stewart who will tell us about the state of the art in IT event management. It will be interesting to discuss the differences and commonalities between our event processing approach,and the approach taken in network and system management.

The third keynote speaker will be Sebatian Wrede. This will be in the framework of the research session, and will deal with event processing in robotics. It turns out that there is a work in the robotics community on event processing, there is even a workshop on event-based systems in robotics in the framework of robotics conference, that is planned for October 2009. It will also be interesting to have synergy with that community. As I believe that event processing is pervasive in many areas and not restricted to certain industry or application type, this reach out will be interesting, and will also provide us feedback about additional directions for event processing technologies. See some of you in Trento. Ciao.

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