Friday, September 11, 2009

On event processing language standards

I found some time today to get away from the laptop (although, as usual I have a huge to-do list, with people in three continents chasing me...) and go to see the "Time Traveler's Wife" movie. The critics said that anybody who read the book will be disappointed, but although it does not fully following the book, it keeps the spirit, and rather well done.

Anyway, some of my to-dos is prepare for the 5th event processing symposium, in which I have to jump between several hats. One of my hats will be to provide the report of the language analysis workgroup which I am co-chairing with Jon Riecke from Aleri, who would not be able to come (however some Aleri representatives will be there). Going back to the original charter of the workgroup, it was intended to start discussion about event processing standards. We have not really started the discussion, however, the Trento symposium will be a good opportunity to start this discussion. I am showing now a draft of the slide I am going to show there to start the discussion;

In the top part of the chart I am bringing some memories from the database community.

So - those who are going to be in Trento, prepare for a lively discussion around this topic, I am sure that there will be a variety of opinions.

More about the language analysis workgroup - in later postings.

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