Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On restful event producers

Another year has passed and yesterday was my birthday; I tend not to celebrate an event that reminds me that I am getting older, so I found on the Web a greeting card that fits my sentiments; however -- this year I got much more birthday greetings than usual. Of course I can be encouraged that all of a sudden I became popular, but the truth is that I filled profile descriptions in some social networks - Facebook, LinkedIn, the family tree site (may be one or two more) - all of them send alerts to people about birthdays...

I have written about event producers such as the CICS event producer, that instruments CICS transactions and emits them as events; event producer needs to produce the event by sensing or instrumenting some software/process to create the event, and also needs to communicate the event to the event targets (event processing agents, channels and consumers).

There is a new article on IBM developerWorks dealing with emitting events using REST interface. The word REST has an association with resting, like the Van Gogh famous picture of noon rest - below.

But in this context REST of course means "representational state transfer". The article describe how to use the REST interface of Websphere Business Events to emit events from any application that has access to web protocols. Enjoy!


Rainer said...

Congratulations for one year more, not older:-) As already mentioned some weeks ago, you should read Ray Kurzweil's book "Singularity is Near" (http://epthinking.blogspot.com/2010/06/eu-fet-flagship-program.html), where he explains that we shall stop aging within the next decades, even rejuvenating should be possible around 2050, by nanobots, epigenetics/cell biology and other stuff and we will be able to store our consciousness and to transfer it e.g. to a cyborg, with some components of your body, if needed. Ray eats around 250 supplements per day, just to stay alive until this time, and he reprogrammed his body from diabetes II and much too high cholesterol to a measured biological age of 40, although he is some years older than you or me... Is your fitness trainer still happy with you??!

Opher Etzion said...

Thanks Rainer. I am familiar with Kurzweil's book (and the religion around it, including the signualrity university etc..) -- I think that it has higher probability to affect my children than myself --- by the time these technologies will mature, I'll probably will not be here to see it (or be beyond repair) -).



Rainer said...

Would please think more optimistic! Have I already told you that I became grandpa in the meantime? http://www.citt-online.com/index.php?id=team&id2=jolanda
Probably Jolanda will grow up in my home office, as my oldest daughter did, who is again moved into my house last year and it could happen that I will become professional grandpa (Berufsopa in German). I'm considering whether I should transfer my consciousness to Jolanda, in around 20 years, perhaps she could ultimately continue the CITT idea "From student to entrepreneur". BTW: I was asked to write a book about "Ubiquitous Complex Event Processing", if we could argument that anybody would read it (the publisher needs 5.000 copies normally, as you know) - as the next chapter of yours and Peter's, so to say , and I'm looking for co-authors, if so. What you think, as big dog (http://epthinking.blogspot.com/2010/05/on-small-vendor-big-vendors-individual.html)? I would have time because I'm still waiting for the project approval from the EC for our third proposal which we submitted before Jolanda was conceived, so far I remember