Thursday, July 1, 2010

On VLDB 2010 -- events and streams related papers

After a few years of missing VLDB, I plan this year to participate in the VLDB conference in Singapore (which will be an opportunity to visit Singapore, I have never been there). I have a tutorial accepted entitled: Event Processing - past, present, future. VLDB is one of the major research conferences of the database community (my original home community).

The list of accepted papers is now on the website -- looking at it there are some papers whose title include either events or streams:

Complex Event Detection at Wire Speed with FPGAs
High-Performance Dynamic Pattern Matching over Disordered Streams
Achieving High Output Quality under Limited Resources through Structure-based Spilling in XML Streams
SECRET: A Model for Analysis of the Execution Semantics of Stream Processing Systems
Recognizing Patterns in Streams with Imprecise Timestamps
On Dense Pattern Mining in Graph Streams
Database-support for Continuous Prediction Queries over Streaming Data
Conditioning and Aggregating Uncertain Data Streams: Going Beyond Expectations
From a Stream of Relational Queries to Distributed Stream Processing
iFlow: An Approach for Fast and Reliable Internet-Scale Stream Processing Utilizing Detouring and Replication

And some demos:
Active Complex Event Processing: Applications in RealTime Health Care
Efficient Event Processing through Reconfigurable Hardware for Algorithmic Trading
Geospatial Stream Query Processing using Microsoft SQL Server StreamInsight

As you can notice - in the database community the term "streams" is more common than the term "events", and I'll go back to the discussion of streams vs. events soon.

IBM will have a substantial presence in VLDB with 9 research papers, 5 industrial papers, 3 demos and 1 tutorial.

More - later.

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