Thursday, October 7, 2010

Proactive computing -- keynote talk in the OMG event processing CoP conference

Hello from Philadelphia again.  Today I spent the day in NYC (got by train and returned to Philly in the evening). 
I have attended the OMG event processing CoP conference for financial markets that was held in Madison Avenue in NYC.    I'll write about the conference soon -- but for now, just a short posting about my own presentation;  I have given a keynote address (actually in the program it has been written as luminary keynote, not sure I am a luminary, but it seems that Brenda Michelson who organized the conference likes to use this term).  Anyway -- I have given in the first time a public talk about our activities in the proactive event-driven computing area,  talking also about the "first of a kind" program of IBM Research which enables to do research work in collaboration with end users.    I got several insights from the audience about various applications that I have not thought about for proactive computing, and will follow-up with some of them -- this is one of the directions to which the event processing area will evolve, and it seems to be an exciting direction to pursue, more about it - later.

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