Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Visiting Temple University - 20 years after graduation

I have finished my PhD studies 20 years ago in Temple University in Philadelphia, and after many years I have visited my old school today, and gave a talk in the CIS department seminar.  It was interesting to meet again those faculty members who are there, and some new ones.  I was especially happy to meet my advisor, Giorgio Ingargiola,  who is about to retire at the end of this year.  Giorgio has been a great mentor on clear thinking, and  a major influencer on my own development, here is Giorgio's current picture.

I have some follow-ups, especially on the software engineering of event-based systems which I may have found a collaborator.    Giving a seminar I got some interesting questions, one of them about the gap between events in computerized systems vs. events in the physical world -- which can be noisy and imprecise.   I gave detailed answer about various cases where current systems have semantic gaps (this topic is discussed in chapter 11 of the EPIA book).      Have to get up early tomorrow to take the train to NYC, for the Event Processing capital markets meeting.     

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