Thursday, December 16, 2010

On Alex Buchmann's 60th birthday book

 Alex Buchmann is an old friend, we first met when both of us were 20 years younger, and worked on active databases.  Alex is a little bit older than me, and recently celebrated his 60th birthday.  I could not travel to the ceremony in Darmstadt, but as a gift, contributed to the book, which includes a collection of papers edited by Alex's students (or ex-students).  Today the mail has brought me a copy of this book, with personal inscription from Alex.  The book is called "From Active Data Management to Event-Based Systems and More".   

More detailed about the book can be obtained in the Springer LNCS site.    The book includes a paper entitled "Spatial perspectives of event processing" co-authored with Nir Zolotorevsky.   Browsing the book I see that I am in a very good company, some of the other authors are: Jean Bacon and Ken Moody, Mani Chandy, Umesh Dayal, Tamer Ozsu,  Gerhard Weikum, and many others. 

When I summarized the year 2009 in this Blog, I have written that the quote of the year is taken from Alex's keynote address in DEBS 2009, stating is using regular database techniques for event-based systems is like trying to drink the water in a waterfall using a straw.    Alex also does not like the term "event processing", claiming that "processing" sounds like "data processing" which is an archaic term, and prefers to talk about event-based systems, as shown in the title of the book.

I wish Alex many more years of  good health, fruitful work and fun.

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