Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where does the edBPM term come from?

Writing earlier today about a German friend,  another German friend, Rainer von Ammon has written on the complexevents forum about the source of the term edBPM,  Rainer is also the one who has drawn the nice illustration above showing the reference model, Rainer is the person promoting this term, and organized several workshops around the concept of pairing event processing and BPM technologies.     Rainer wrote that the term came from Gartner and quoted me.   This is almost true,  the original term that Gartner used is "event-based BPM"  and I have slightly modified it to "event-driven BPM" when I asked Rainer to write a value about it in the Database encyclopedia (I have been the editor of the event processing related terms).  
Here is the Gartner's original slide from 2005.  

This is the original slide,  source:  "Event-driven applications make event-driven businesses work better", a presentation by Roy Schulte from Gartner in 2005. 

As you see Gartner classified the event processing functions into: simple event processing, mediated event processing, event-based EPM, and complex event processing.    Roy Schulte has later realized that "event-based BPM" is orthogonal dimension to the three others, and changed the positioning.     So this is the source for all history lovers. 

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Rainer von Ammon said...

Thanks, Opher, now it's clear forever and for everybody:-)