Thursday, March 24, 2011

Decisions in smarter systems

Arlington., Virginia,  Hayatt Hotel

I am here for the OMG technical meeting.      I have participated in (part of) the decision modeling day organized by Paul Vincent and Christian De Sainte Marie.  Their ultimate goal is to get to a standard on decision modeling, and they have issued proposal for RFP on that issue.  A good survey of that day can be found in James Taylor's Blog.  I sat near James, and he is blogging in real-time.    James himself gave an interesting keynote on the 
importance of decisions  

James concentrated on operational decisions and said in many of the organizations the role of computerized systems is to provide data (in various ways) to manual decision makers when they ask for it.    The smarter systems have larger portion of automated decisions, they are active rather than passive - determine when a decision is needed, and the decisions are measurable with quantitative metrics, so they can be evaluated.  

While James did not talk explicitly about event processing,  it is obvious that it has a significant role in his vision, it has several roles:

  1.  determine when a decision is needed
  2.  the automated decision itself is often context dependent and  the context can be determined by event processing context mechanism (temporal, spatial, event history related...)
  3. the decision itself may depend on event pattern
  4. Last but not least -- the extension of event processing to proactive computing coupling with the metric that measures the decision's result can trigger decision to mitigate undesired predicted deviation from the result,(I discussed this one with James during the reception in the evening).  

The EPTS virtual symposium - tomorrow.   A lot of logistics to get it running! 

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