Saturday, March 26, 2011

More on decision model and event processing

I have written before about the "Decision Model" book, when Larry Goldberg visited us in HRL. 
I met Larry again this week in the OMG meeting, and also had dinner with him and Michael Grohs from KPI  in Cary, NC 
(I am now staying nearby in Durham -- almost packed to go start the long journey back).

From their testimony it seems that the decision model is catching quite fast, and hundreds of organizations are using it already in one way or another.  In the OMG meeting they brought their flagship customer Freddie Mac representative, who reported a big success,  there were already several vendors implementing it to be executable.   The benefit is the simplicity and riding on the "spreadsheet" table-like thinking with their methodology.    They are now working on extending the model which started with partial coverage but is evolving,  e.g. they are adding concepts of views and contexts.

Our challenge in event processing is larger, since the complexity of operations is such that I am not sure can be easily expressed in tables, but the seek for abstractions that will enable business analysts and semi-technical users to construct systems is still there.     This is one of our activity areas, which I hope to report progress at some time.   More - later.


Unknown said...


One suspects the OMG has no clue when it comes to Freddie Mac.

Freddie Mac's Top executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were paid more than $35 million in the past two years while the two bailed-out mortgage finance giants were receiving $153 billion in support from taxpayers.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have lost billions of dollars and continue to depend upon federal support to remain in business,their senior executives continue to receive multi-million dollar salaries.

Jay Sorenson

Paul Vincent said...

Jay - just in case you misread Opher's post:
- OMG does not have a relationship with Freddie Mac: consultants KPI introduced Freddie Mac as a successful user of their Decision Model methodology

- I'm pretty sure the Freddie/Fannie representatives at the DM Info Day were not executives on $M payouts, but simply IT and business folks optimising the decision analysis approaches within their organisations
- note there is a difference between strategic ("lets loan lots to folks who can't afford loans" etc) vs operational decisions ("interest rate for person X under conditions Y should be Z" etc) - the decisions under consideration here are the latter

On the other hand, all taxpayers must share your main sentiment, Is suspect. I just read The Big Short and found it fascinating and frightening in equal measure.