Sunday, May 8, 2011

1000 contacts in LinkedIn

Today, two more connections were added to my LinkedIn contacts list, and the number of contacts went up from 998 to 1000,  the 1000th contact is my IBM Haifa Research Lab colleague, Ran Ettinger.    LinkedIn is the social network in which I have most contacts, I also have twitter account followed by 236, and Facebook account with 96 friends, there are also some more social networks I am registered in somehow, but I am not active in any of them.

Among the 1000 members of the contact list 331 are (or have been at some point) IBM employees,   the two other high-tech companies with most contacts are: Google (16) and Microsoft (10),    There are also some contacts from my second universe, the academic world:  Technion (29) followed by Tel-Aviv University (8).
Some are friends and classmates from high-school,    Out of the 1000,  423 live in Israel,  131 in the Greater NY area,  69 from the SFO Bay area, and 46 from the UK, and then from many other countries in all continents.    I am also registered in about 40 LinkedIn groups -- from Temple University alumni, to the Haifa high-tech community,  and of course all event processing related groups, and many others.   

I have never asked anybody to recommend me on LinkedIn,  one person did in response to the fact that I've recommended him.  I have recommended six persons at their request, but never knew whether it is effective.

That's enough statistics for today.  

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I love statistics!