Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Watson meets DEBS 2011

DEBS 2011 will take place in the Yorktown Heights auditorium, the same site in which the famous recording to the Jeopardy! programs in which the computer has won against two human champions.  The Watson hardware resides very close to this auditorium.  With some effort we succeeded to bring Eddie Epstein, one of the senior persons behind Watson has agreed to be an invited speaker in DEBS 2011,  Eddie will also provide a demo of the system.    

The full program of DEBS 2011 will be advertised around this weekend, the list of accepted papers can be found on this Blog.   

It should be note that if you plan to be in DEBS -- plan to stay for the entire conference, besides the 33 presentations, the attractions will be spread among the days  - no day can be skipped!

Monday, July 11 will be the  tutorial  day, and in the late afternoon there will be the EPTS award granting event. 
Tuesday, July 12 will have the two industrial keynote speakers: Chris Bird and Don Ferguson (see here for more about the keynote speakers),  and in the later afternoon a reception, and after getting some alcohol, the "gong show",  in which the participants can express outrageous ideas about future features and utilization of event processing technology.   
Wednesday, July 13 will have the keynote talk of Johnnes Gehrke,  the demo and poster session including the grand challenge,  and the conference banquet with artistic performance, and the DEBS awards (best paper, best idea in the gong show, best demo and maybe more). 
Thursday, July 14  will have the keynote talk of Calton Pu, and the invited talk of Eddie Epstein on Watson.

None of these day should be missed -- plan accordingly!

The fifth day - July 15 will be the PhD workshop adjacent to the conference.    

See you all in Yorktown.  


Tom said...

Any update on the DBES challenge entries received so far?

Tom said...

Any update on the DBES trivia challenge?

Opher Etzion said...

The DEBS challenges entries can be submitted by almost end of June, so it is too early to summarize. We don't have trivia challenge.