Sunday, May 1, 2011

Event processing and Erlang

These two pictures are taken from the recent family trip to Barcelona.  In the second one you can see also my wife and my daughters Adi and Daphna (my daughter Hadas is the photographer).  Daphna also uploaded many pictures of the trip to Facebook  (with tagging in Hebrew). 

Recently I came across a posting in Streambase's  Blog,  talking about embedding Erlang in the Streambase development environment, under the title: Streambase loves Erlang.   It is worth mentioning that there have been some views about the use of Erlang in event processing before,  first by Marco Sierio in the Rulecore Blog, a while ago, and a related presentation talking about the use of Erlang in inference rules, was presented by SAP Research.  
Erlang is actually quite an old  language, a functional language that is aimed at massively concurrent applications.   Personally as an old-timer, I like functional programming more than object-oriented imperative languages,  and happy to see a revival of such languages.   It might be interesting idea to write event processing functionality using Erlang.  I am toying with the idea to play with it by means of students projects' next time I am teaching event processing course (in the fall).   I may ask for people who have done it for best practices.     

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PatternStorm said...

Hello my good old friend, PatternStorm is back! ;-) You forgot to give credit about CEP and Erlang to the first person that posted about this realtioship in the CEP forum back in 2010 =>
Marco probably took the idea to use it for RuleCore from that post...Anyway, hope everything is fine with you and your family. Best Regards from BCN!