Monday, May 2, 2011

Startup review: Hstreaming

Late last week I got a briefing on a new startup  - HSTREAMING.   The briefing was delivered by an ex-colleague in IBM Research, Volkmar Uhlig.   The idea behind HSTREAMING is providing Hadoop-based platform that enables running aggregations, filtering and some forms of event pattern matching in real-time.  The idea is that since there is a growing use in Hadoop,  Hadoop-based applications, which is batch-oriented, will be developing more and more extensions that require online processing along with the batch processing.  This is the Hadoop variation of using database and stream processing together.    Certainly and interesting direction; I think that we are seeing variations of MapReduce coupled with event processing in various places.  I'll continue to follow this direction.   

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Anonymous said...


We demonstrated streaming map/reduce to you last October during the OMG Capital Markets Event Processing Symposium.

I showed dynamic queries involving filtering, aggregations, time windows, etc. all running against a cluster running streaming map/reduce.

Our offering is named DarkStar.