Friday, June 10, 2011

Call for participation in the DEBS'11 gong show

For everybody intending to participate  in DEBS'11, I would like to attract your attention to a new track in DEBS - the gong show track, which is planned for  Tuesday, July 12, after the reception, starting 5:15pm

Each speaker will have (strictly enforced by the gong) 5 minutes to talk about one of the following:

(1). Revolutionary idea to extend the state-of-the-art of event-based systems.

(2). Revolutionary use of event-based systems in the real-world.

There are limited amount of speaking slots and they will be determined on "first come first served" basis;  
the audience will vote about the best idea, and the winner will be formally announced at the conference banquet on the next day.
If you are interested to present, please send Email to: with the title "gong show", your name, and optionally the title of your talk. 
See you all in Yorktown in July.

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