Thursday, June 9, 2011

John Bates was named as a top innovator by Wall Street & Tehcnology

 Wall street&Technology has selected in its recent issue the top 10 innovators of the decade in the capital market areas.   Among these innovators we can find the name of John Bates, currently the CTO of Progress Software.    From the event processing community perspective this is another sign of recognition about the impact of event processing in reality,    We have seen some recognition in the past, when Streamabse was named as one of the 2010 technology pioneers by the World Economic Forum.   This time it is a personal recognition,  John is certainly one of the event processing industry leaders, the start-up he founded Apama was part of the first wave of event processing start-ups,; Apama was the first to implement algorithmic trading using event processing system.    Kudos, John, for this well-deserved recognition, and hope to have many more external recognition indicators to people in the event processing community. 

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Anonymous said...

Great news to see CEP getting this kind of attention!