Sunday, July 31, 2011

Richard Tibbetts on "visual programming for complex event processing"

This picture is taken from the first slide of the presentation given by Richard Tibbetts last week in Oreill'y  OSCON Open Source Convention.   The presentation is now available on the web.  

In the presentation Richard brings five lessons for the implementation and use  of visual programming from Streambase experience.  Note that the visual programming in this case is intended for developers, building visual programming for domain experts is a different saga.   
In my event processing course, students have a choice to do projects in various available platforms (including implementing everything hard-coded),   I found that many of the students prefer this style of visual programming, but some prefer to work with text-oriented programming that looks more like the programming they are used to, claiming they can have better control that way, I guess from the same reason that there are people that still prefer to drive manual cars.   Personally I think that visual programming is the way to move forward, but we still have a challenge to do visual programming for semi-technical people.

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