Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On spatiotemporal event processing

In the EPIA book we referred to the spatial dimension of context, and also to spatial patterns of events, there is also a paper on this topic that I've written last year with Nir Zolotorevsky,   There are also combination of the spatial and temporal perspectives,  both in sense of composite contexts,  and also spatiotemporal patterns 
(such as:  going north). 

It seems that spatiotemporal event processing is becoming popular.  Alex Alves from Oracle presented a paper  about it in  the industrial track of DEBS'11, and also recently wrote a short posting about it in his Blog;
Seems that Oracle is putting a support of spatiotemporal features in its product.

I also came across some description of spatiotemporal processing within Microsoft StreamInsight,  

The current support in spatiotemporal capabilities is quite elementary, and various extensions are possible (a student project for the  next semester?). It will be interesting to see more about applications that utilize the spatiotemporal capabilities, and their functional requirements. 

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Marco said...

The paper covering the spatio-temporal aspect in StreamInsight is here:

I suppose it will be nice to see some interesting application scenarios in the future!