Saturday, August 27, 2011

Siddhi - an open source event processing engine from Sri Lanka

According to Wikipedia, Siddhi is translated into: perfection, accomplishment or unusual skill.   In the picture we can see the eight primary Siddhis.    Siddhi is also a name of an open source event processing engine, recently advertised.    From the basic description it is aimed to support event processing as stand alone applications, and experiment with optimization algorithm for the run-time engine.    Siddhi came from University of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka, a university who claims an ambition mission: "to be the most globally recognized knowledge enterprise in Asia".   I like ambitious goals, and probably making open sources like this  can contribute to the recognition, of course, if this will get traction.  

I know of event processing open source and products coming from the USA, UK, Germany, Austria,  Sweden, Israel, Australia,  and I probably miss some (will be happy to update this list)   So now Sri Lanka to the list,   We are starting to see more activities in Asia in recent years, and hope to see more. 

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Srinath Perera said...

Thanks Opher, actually term "Siddhi" is also a synonym to "Events" in Sinhala (One of the main Languages in Sri Lanka)