Monday, August 22, 2011

Some EP related slides and videos on the Web

With the help of Google Alerts, I have found some recent presentations that relate to relatively old staff, but has some interest nevertheless.

Surprisingly, somebody posted a presentation about RFID/ event processing panel in the first EPTS symposium in March 2006, relatively old staff but interesting even today. 

A video describing the CICS event system has been posted on the IBM Education Assistance server.  This is a system that instruments CICS to act as event producer that was released in 2009.  

A presentation by Informatica on "Data Governance". where event processing is one of the enabling technologies. 

Last, but not least. an academic presentation from INRIA with the interesting title "undoing event driven adaptation of business processes". The terminology here is somewhat weird, but it relates to the retraction issue, and proposes the use of EP for doing that.

There are also some presentations from DEBS 2011, on the DEBS website, hope that more presentations will be posted. 


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