Friday, September 23, 2011

On proton-based chips

Asimov talked about positronic brains for robots, maybe one step was the construction of proton-based chips, instead of the regular electronic-based computing (reference made by Rainer von Ammon on the complexevents forum).  The proton-based chips can have better potential to communicate with biological processes and serve as an actuator within the human body, even the human brain.    When we called our proactive computing project in the name "proton", we did not know about such a chip,  but it can have natural connection:  The proton system makes decisions that are carried out using the proton chip that serves as an actuator for the proton system.  Cool idea -- somewhat futuristic, but we are getting there.   While the scenarios we are working on now are still within the familiar domains,  I believe that the big potential of proactive systems are in robotics and computerized-control of biological processes.   

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