Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's in a title?

Some people noticed that I've changed my title in LinkedIn and sent me queries about it.  I did not change my job today;  as I noticed that my business cards are about to end and I need to issue a new one, I thought that this is also a good time to re-think on the content, and determined that the title I have there today does not really reflect what I am doing, so I switched to a better title, principle investigator of the Proton project, which is part of the IBM Research's  "far reaching research" program (FRR), which we have extended, to explore the emerging paradigm of proactive event-driven computing.  In the past I moved from working on concrete project to a more general technical strategy role, and then coming back to research, in working on requirements and challenges on the next generations of event processing, and towards the end of last year I moved back to concentrate on a single project which I believe has a huge potential.     I have written about proactive computing before,  and we exposed some of the ideas in the DEBS'11 paper.
I'll write more about this project in the future, and of course I am still writing about general event processing issues. 

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