Monday, September 12, 2011


Sometimes I am getting notifications that reveal players in the event processing space that I was not aware of,  the one I've discovered today is SpatialRules by ObjectFX.   From the description on the website it is difficult to understand the exact capabilities of this product which is described as CEP for geospatial data. It seems that it support tracking events that relate to spatial objects - entering, exiting, are inside/outside/close to areas, with also some spatiotemporal capabilities.    It seems that this product is not new,  but I must admit it is new to me, maybe recognized in the GIS community.    I've written before about spatiotemporal event processing capabilities in event processing products such as: Microsoft StreamInsight or Oracle CEP.   ObjectFX seems to come from the other direction,  instead of extending event processing to have spatiotemporal capabilities, it extends spatial platform (ObjectFX has other spatial oriented products) to event processing.  It will be interesting to see whether the two approaches meet.  


Marco Seiriö said...

Interesting indeed. But perhaps not first CEP engine with spatial support as they claim. We added geospatial support into the rulecore cep server several years ago. But it's nice to see that the CEP concept is of interest to other fields too.

Opher Etzion said...

Marco - , rulecore was the first EP engine who publicly declared spatial event processing. Since they came from different community I am not sure what their history and time-line is.



David Hemphill said...


Thanks for the write-up. (Full disclosure: I am the CTO at ObjectFX.) Just a little background, SpatialRules is a Java-based commercial product that was originally developed in cooperation with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency to examine live streams of geospatial data containing millions or billions of reports a day. You are correct in that we came from the geospatial direction, leveraging our core competencies in geospatial processing, with the goal of detecting events based on patterns of behavior and how things are interacting with their surroundings. In particular, SpatialRules is good at correlating events across multiple data streams containing 2D or 3D geometries. Since we focus on geospatial event processing, SpatialRules is complementary to many CEP solutions. There is a free 60-day evaluation available at:

David Hemphill
CTO, ObjectFX